1. About

LinkedPipes Applications is a visualization web platform that allows the users to explore, visualize and publish LinkedData based visualizer applications. Applications created with these platforms can be easily published and integrated anywhere on the Web!

The main features of the platform can be described as follows:

  1. The user owns and manages his private data space. He can upload graph data therefrom his computer or provide an URL from which the data should be imported.
  2. The user can share his data with other users.
  3. The user can create and share data sources (entitiesthat provide access to the graph data, for example a SPARQL endpoint).
  4. The user can create, edit and share an analyses (tree-like structures where the data flow from the leavesto the root and are processed when passing through a node).
  5. The user can browse throughthe data sources and the analysis results using a generic visualization tool. He can alsoalter the visualization using ontologies